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Distilled vs. Deionized Water

Distilled Water vs. Deionized Water Purified water is an important solution, which plays a role in a variety of applications. However, not all purified water is the same. Though purification processes result in similar products, they do so through incredibly different methodologies. These variations in method impart different properties to the resulting water. Distillation and Continue Reading

Applications of Deionized Water

Deionized water has been utilized in several applications in the research, industrial, and residential sectors. The deionization process removes charged mineral salts. This grants the water special characteristics, which can be taken advantage of in numerous ways. Research science: Biologists and chemists prefer to limit the numbers of variables in their projects in order to Continue Reading

The Chemistry Behind Deionized Water

Water is one of nature’s most effective solvents. Over time, it is capable of dissolving many elements and aiding in the breakdown of complex molecules. This property has a negative side-effect: when found in its natural state, water often contains numerous impurities. These can include dissolved metals like copper and iron, salts such as sodium, Continue Reading