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What is Reverse Osmosis Water Purification?

It is no secret that people have been talking about the wonders of reverse osmosis water purification process for years running. In fact, it has been long considered as the best way of delivering quality water for drinking and cooking purposes in our homes. So, what’s reverse osmosis, and how does this system of water Continue Reading

Applications of RO Water

The applications of reverse osmosis in non-food industries Water filtration is a major component of various manufacturing and processing processes that require a specific saline and purity concentration of water. In agricultural farms, water filtration is a mandatory process that ensures that their produce complies with various food safety standards. This comes at a time Continue Reading

Chemistry Behind Reverse Osmosis Water Purification

Water is the most essential component of earth and a medium that supports living. Unfortunately, increases in natural calamities, like floods and droughts and man-built water pollution has disturbed the water levels, leading in scarcity of pure drinking water. Scientists and environmental experts are constantly searching for different water purification processes that can provide safe Continue Reading